withdrawal – Withdrew crypto from binance using ERC 20 ethereum transfer network. Never showed up. Need help/advice

So…I’ve been using binance for quite some time succesfully. However, I’ve come up against something I really didn’t think would happen to me! Ech.

So, shortly after the new year, I get a notification from Binance that because I am in the US, I couldn’t trade on the platform, and had to transfer my crypto off of the Binance.com site.

So my ability to trade was suspended, and I was left with a not-small-but-not-huge amount of USDT. I couldn’t convert it. Binance wouldn’t allow it. Coinbase had no protocol for accepting USDT.

So…I thought that perhaps by using the ethernet transfer network, perhaps the crypto would automatically be converted to ethereum for the transfer (this is the ERC 20 transfer network).

To my surprise, Binance allowed the transfer (ie the numbers fit, etc.), and so I proceeded with the transaction, expecting I would get ethereum in my coinbase account.

Well…it never happened. I have a transaction of the withdrawal, and it shows up on Etherscan. So it definitely went somewhere, I just don’t know where.

I have the address where it was sent. I have the TxId. Both show up on Etherscan.io So what Now??!!

  • How can I find out who owns the address/wallet where I sent it to?
  • Can I rescind the transaction through Binance? I doubt it, but not sure.
  • Is it even safe for me to share this transaction info with a third party I do not know? Could they contact the holder claiming to be me, and get the money back without me?
  • I know the parties involved include me, Binance, Coinbase…is the ethereum transfer network an independent 4th party?

I somehow suspect that far more people in the U.S. than just me had to withdraw their crypto in the New Year, so I would imagine this has happened to many people.

Any advice??!!