WordPress queries

I have custom post products and I have product1, product2, product3 post.
I have created custom taxonomies like customtaxonomies1, customtaxonomies2 and customtaxonomies3. When creating products, I need to select custom taxonomy terms such as terms1, terms2, and terms3.

Now, the customer asks to display the entire product based on the following conditions.

1] The user selects the term from customtaxonomies1 >> term1.
2] The product should be from customtaxonomies2 [All products with AZ order], then customtaxonomies3 [All products with AZ order], then customtaxonomies4 [All products with AZ order], then customtaxonomies5 [All products with AZ order] etc. are displayed.

Please suggest me. Your help will be valuable to me.