Workaround for handling email subscriptions/notifications on static blog without third party app?


I have a static blog and want to have an email subscription form without a third-party app. Mainly for privacy reasons and for learning how to do it.


I have a static blog. I love it! Posting couldn’t be easier and everything loads superfast. I’m using zola to produce the output (an SSG like Hugo, Jekyll, etc.) and hosting for free on Netlify. I’m not wedded to any platform.

I would like to be able to have people sign up (in some way) for notifications. They don’t have to get them right away, but within a day or two. But I just want to avoid collecting a bunch of emails and sending them out by hand.

Do I have to have a database of some kind? Is there a way of having the site send information to my local database through Netlify? I’m quite lost about how to go about this.

For an example of how I handle comments: I got around using JS by having a mailto link for each page. If people want to comment, they click it, and it sends me an email with the subject “Comment on (page name)”. If I like the comment, I can then add it to the bottom of the page. A kind of workaround solution like this for email would work for me.

I’m not opposed to learning how to code more, but I am kind of a beginner when it comes to web apps.

What I’ve tried

  1. Learning Django (from zero). Really quite a challenge for a beginner and wouldn’t work on Netlify anyway. Would need to move to Heroku. Is this a reasonable ask of a beginner programmer? Would I be able to migrate my content easily?

  2. Adding Feedburner link. Works okay, just don’t like having to go through a third party.

  3. ??? something I haven’t thought of yet?