Working seven days in a row? | Forum Promotion

I think the most I’ve worked without a day off has been like 21 days, maybe? When I was salaried of course, so no OT. We’d have a remodel that would have to be completed in the 12 weeks no matter what, so if we somehow ended up falling a couple weeks behind, we’d be stuck staying at the hotel and working over the weekends to get caught up.

At the same time, we would have a slow period with no remodels going on, and I’d be given lots of “computer based learning” days where I would sleep in and do absolutely nothing at home. Even drove to the beach for a week during that. :p

With my current job, I’m hourly, so they definitely want me to take my two days off each week. I get enough OT working over everyday on those five days I’m already working. I’ve worked 11 days in a row with my current job, but that was just poor scheduling at the time. Worked a six day work week with a day off at the beginning of the week, and then worked a five day work week with the two days off at the end of it. I try not to schedule anyone like that. It sucks.