World Ventures unfair, fraudulent and abusive practices in Romania

In Romania, for more than two years, there has been a dangerous and deceptive situation created by an American company in the tourism and direct-selling market, operating through a purported multi-level marketing (MLM) called World Ventures, a company the middleman for sale uses her so-called products and services here without, however, being registered as a legal entity in that country and without a legal and commercial agreement with the persons over whom she operates.

general overview

This company sells Romanians membership in a private travel club and says they are offered luxury travelers at reasonable rates for those joining the club, as well as commissions to encourage new members to join.

World Ventures already has a network of over 5,000 members in Romania – some of them are service users, others are service providers / concept / business salesmen. Membership fees for the company are not only composed of an initial enrollment fee, but also of monthly fees, as the parent company and its companies are not fiscally registered and do not pay any taxes for this work to the Romanian state, including one in documents the other exists.

I had no idea or experience regarding the fraudulent developments in this company. In October 2014, I became a member after being told in a public presentation that World Ventures in our country offers the opportunity to join only the club individual, but not yet as a business or legal entity. In addition, the same foreign address provided by the moderators / hosts / sponsors for each new member was used for each individual registration. Some people from World Ventures agreed to provide their own temporary registration addresses to the countries where World Ventures is in an early stage of activity and development. The address that World Ventures hosts used for registration was a Hungarian address. I did not quite understand the process, but as we talked about a company in about 20 countries, I saw this as a good and safe reason to enroll myself as a traveler and also as a business representative for about 6 months, about $ 700 as a deposit fee for future ones Holidays and for the right to eventually promote the club as a marketing representative.

The problem arose when I spoke on a website about the availability of this concept to Romanians and provided information about the mechanisms of this club and about the possibility of registration.

Just before I started building the site, I asked those who had shown me the business – but also official employees of the company – if it was possible to have a website that promoted this business differently than at personal meetings or in presentation spaces (of the old) MLM practices that I personally disagree with because of the pressure and general restraint of the public in the good intentions of those who present business concepts in this way). At first, I was told that there was no problem, except to follow some rules for the construction of the construction site. The answer was self-evident for me and I directed the website to Romanians from around the world with a detailed online presentation of the concept. Once it was done, I sent another e-mail of information to the company for final approval. The response I received from Heather Vincent (corporate relations officer for policy and practice) made me speechless:

The website must be removed immediately. This website is a Romanian website. WorldVentures is not open in Romania. Therefore, you need proof of your stay in Hungary. The requirements for becoming a WorldVentures representative indicate that you must be in a country where WorldVentures conducts business and accepts new agents. Failure to remove the Website and notify us of your Hungarian Identification within three (3) business days may result in your Representative Agreement ID #: 63088902 being suspended.

Not only did I not lead any World Ventures business until then, I never imagined that I could not do otherwise than "Underground" as long as the company – through the Romanian executives – systematically held presentation sessions in the UK Public Organized Throughout the country, people are demanding that people sign up and exchange huge sums of money, and the contents kept by the Romanian leaders – from time to time supervised externally by corporate leaders – contain the same information as the one I indicated In my view, the ban on written Internet advertising and the promotion of spoken advertising put me at a disadvantage and have a discriminatory character, which also raises serious doubts about the legitimacy and legality of this company.

In light of all these facts, I have told the staff that I am in no condition at all, but I would like my money to be repaid (the membership fees are paid in the time I did not receive the value, a prerequisite) for inclusion a commercial law in the MLM category or for direct sale and not for the enrichment pyramid program). They did not want to return, but only $ 60 off the $ 730 I spent on NOTHING, and asked me to make their decision within 14 days if I did not agree. Although I challenged it immediately, I did not receive any reply from the staff, and after a week's wait I wrote a second letter asking if I should consider the silence as an answer. What I got back was an e-mail that ignored any dialogue on the subject, and in which I received a hollow copy of the first message, reaffirming that I had violated company policy regarding business development in national unopened markets why the case is considered closed.

We have terminated your WorldVentures membership number # 63088902 since you've been marketing the WorldVentures products and services in an unopened country. Currently, we have no schedule for the opening of WorldVentures in Romania. We have strict criteria and a firm strategy to start the business in a new country.

How should I call such a treatment? Unfair? Deceptive? Abusive? Imoral Illegal? I would say EVERYTHING about them.

But the World Ventures story in Romania is not an isolated story and it's not about me. It's the story of a wealthy company that believes it can be active anywhere, anytime, by using undisturbed abusive policies and practices. My desire is to expose the illegitimacy, hypocrisy and absurdity of organizational culture called World Ventures Marketing LLC, which reveres profit and blatantly ignores people.


How things happen

The directors of World Ventures know very well what they are doing, and they are highly skilled in trying to be safe from any possible consequences of the fraudulent manner in which they conduct their activities. The Company has several websites from which the Company is managed: registering new members in the shop and virtual office of each independent employee (, booking holidays (, recruiting staff, and presenting ( Payments for registering as a tourist or business partner are made exclusively online through a credit card at The list of residents of those who can enter the club now includes 28 countries. Romania was and is not present today (December 2016) because it is "in preparation", they say in their very well-organized presentations across the country.


Therefore, you understand that there are some limitations here, but the business has already started to work and grow strongly. And since World Ventures has been in this pre-release phase for years, no one from Romania can register with a Romanian address, so it needs to provide an address that belongs to one of the countries on the official list. Therefore, during presentations, you will receive a specific address from a representative or employee from Hungary or Cyprus, among whom new members from Romania will be sung many days in a row. As mentioned above, registrations can only be made for individuals. Asked why it is not possible to register as a business or as a legal entity, those present discussed the state of the "pre-release" and the legislation that limits things at this stage.

When I reported the Hungarian address, I saw that the money was removed from the card without any further identification filters. Although I have never made an electronic payment in which I have given the address of a non-billing address other than the registration address of my personal card (or card address), the payment was considered valid despite the country limiting criteria. When I saw that it was working perfectly, I imagined that the registration form, which required my data to register with World Ventures, was nothing more than a mere formality. The way you create it, you use whatever information you need, a Hotmail e-mail account or a Yahoo Messenger account.

However, the next legal aspect, which I later noted, was very strange: if this form served as confirmation of individuals from a country where the World Ventures Company operates, it is legitimate to register new members. Collect money from them. why the communicated address – at least in the section "billing address" – is not compared with the card address from which the payment is made, and also the nationality of the cardholder. t, both the payment and the registration are invalidated (hence the money migration in the World Ventures accounts)? As I know so far, any authorized electronic payment service provider will ask you to provide some VERIFIABLE identification information that will later take into account the validation or invalidity of the transaction. Normally, you should not be able to provide an address from Greece for electronically payable services that operate only in Greece. Take advantage of this service in Romania after paying with an identification card from Romania (no additional documentation required if the payment processor allows it).

In this way, World Ventures companies falsify the criteria for equality by country to ensure that they can claim money from anywhere. However, they claim that they only work in about 20 countries, of which Romania does not belong, but from whom they have earned millions of dollars of untaxed money.

If they really want to apply a criterion of equality between countries, they need as additional registration measures either an ID of the new member or a proprietary document or an account of the benefits or articles of incorporation of the personal company. Since all of this is not part of the application form, a country's "tie breaker" criterion is a simple story with no legal or contractual value.

In order for a person to SELL on behalf of a company (in this case this is membership in a traveling club, not the actual holidays), this must be legal in relation to a contractual relationship between the legal entity entity) World Ventures Marketing LLC and legal entity (legal entity) George & Company. As long as George & Company is providing marketing services to World Ventures and collecting money for these services from World Ventures, the two companies will not have a cooperation agreement with legal and commercial value initialed for marketing services on one hand and the payment thereof On the other hand, both parts have a big problem: they are illegal. This is exactly how World Ventures and employees work in our country.

When we talk about world ventures, we are talking about a company that we find in charts and international magazines. This company was ranked 47th in 2014 in the ranking of the most profitable direct selling companies in the world. A company that organizes presentations in front of tens of thousands of people. Would anyone think that this company behaves like a mafia structure everywhere?

World Ventures Revenue.jpg

I attach two photos showing how World Ventures works here through one of its base men.

1 Facebook page of Wes Melcher, official trainer and spokesperson for World Ventures, while presenting himself (Fang in mid-2015).


2 The poster from a local presentation announcing the arrival of Wes Melcher in Romania to train the Romanian team in the development of the business.