Would you support a public vote for Donald Trump to have more than two terms in office?

There is no doubt that Trump will easily win the 2020 election. The problem is, however, that he can exercise only two terms under the Constitution.

Trump is considered one of the best presidents in history, and no one on earth can beat him in a poll.

Given that Trump is unbeatable and the vast majority of Americans want him as president, you would support a bill going through the House and the Senate to allow a public vote where, if the American people are still voting To allow the Constitution to allow Donald Trump and only Donald Trump to serve for more than two terms?

If Trump could have three, four or five or more terms, his policy would probably be irreversible for centuries and America would thrive for over 100 years

Would you be in favor of allowing a public vote if America voted Yes, would Donald Trump allow for more than two terms of office?