Would you vote for Donald Trump in 2020 given what he has done to us so far?

Yes, I would vote for Trump. He does what he thinks is best, not because someone promises him something or lubricates his hands with money, much like many politicians and lawmakers. He seems to be his own man and has an agenda that is not influenced by personal gain.

If you have been hearing bad news about something or someone all day long, you would ultimately be negative about it. Well, the media seems to be blocked by anyone hearing the good that the President has done. For example, the unemployment rate is the lowest in fifty years. Something no other president has achieved. The stock market has reached historic highs. The economy is better than it was. Gas prices and oil prices have fallen. All things that everyone complained about before his presidency.

I think the tariffs in our future are breaking for new and better things, so America relies more and more on itself than the garbage from China that only fills our garbage dumps. Damn it, we can not even get unimpressed by them. Look for Chinese sheetrock and be confused.

Blah, Blah, Blah ….. I just want Trump to get a chance to do his job. Despite the electoral college that had sentenced Hillary to the election, Trump won the presidency for good reason. He appealed to the Americans who wanted to make America great. Only if American politicians will let him !!