wp remote request – wp_remote_post sends empty body

I made an api with nodejs and i’m trying to make some calls to it throught wordpress, all the requests works correctly but when i add a request body it is sent empty, i tried to search what was the problem but i found nothing that worked.

I mean if i send this request

$body = (
    'name'  => 'Pixelbart',
    'email' => 'pixelbart@example.com',
    "password" => "Pass#your!word"
$body = json_encode( $body, TRUE );

echo $body; // here the body is correctly populated

$res = wp_remote_post("http://localhost:3000/users",
    'headers' => array( 
      'Origin' => "http://localhost"
    'body' => $body,
    'method'      => 'POST',
    'data_format' => 'body'

on the api side if i try to read the request body it is an empty JSON.
As i thought that was an api problem i tried to send the request with other tools but
if i use postman for send the reqeust in the same way it correctly works.
Am i missing something? I tried also to remove all the plugins and all the custom imports for have a clear enviroment but the same error happens

( Also ajax requesto from javascript fails if sent from the active wordpress theme )