Write & Publish Guest post on Premium Business Magazine site DA63 PA53 for $150

Write & Publish Guest post on Premium Business Magazine site DA63 PA53

We will write the post in a clear, engaging and informational style, using an anchor text that will blend naturally with the post content on on Marketbusinessnews. We will use your site as a reference link in the post, add credibility to the work, present your site as a reliable resource and boost your SEO ranking.


✔ Domain Authority (DA): 63

✔ Page Authority (PA): 53

1. High-Quality DoFollow backlink
2. Up to 750+ words article provided by my team (select extra)
3. To give the story credibility will be added 1-2 more authority links
4. The turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.
5. We will write (select extra) the article SEO optimized to improve faster the Google rankings

Pay attention to the following:

– anchor text/keyword must be the name of the site or some variations such as:

– according to “name of the site”,

– for more details check “name of the site”,

– click here, visit here, check this and similar.

– It is not allowed: anchor on keywords and long-tailed anchor texts.

– It is not allowed that single word repeats more than 15-20 times in the article. Word count MUST be 1000+.

– articles related to casino, gambling, drug, alcohol, medication and adult content are not allowed. Such content are allowed some sites, you can select the sites and let us know first and for this content you have to provide $50 extra due to risk of. site / contributor account penalty.

– Contributor can insert another 2/3 anchor text with link due to looks natural blog post.

We don’t accept:

1) Porn, Gambling, pharmacy, and poker website not allowed

2) Promotional contents not allowed

3) Advertising not allowed

4) Press release not allowed