Wrong address restoration restoration restoration

Hi sorry I sent cash to bitcoin instead of the bitcoin address. Please follow. My account is currently not charged. Instead of this address: 1FJ1sryyHTXza6BDX5o4d4JFUDCdFt9muR I have sent this address to you: qzwvnyrcat3fy0l9r0jcvl82ellnrtuccug82rtd6k This is my Bitcoin address. My Bitcoin address: 1FJ1sryyHTXza6BDX5o4d4JFUDCdFt9muR My Bitcoin money address: qzwvnyrcat3fy0l9r0jcvl82ellnrtuccug82rtd6 Please note that this device is in the Bitcoin money account. I ask you to send money to my Bitcoin address. Bitcoin Back to: 19pRw18fgnC9bj2NbGTwrNPQBw53yMJhmP