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Crypto exchange YoBit.net is a unique exchange. A lot of now successful traders have passed through this exchange as a starting platform.

Only on this exchange, each individual user can understand how the manipulative trading system works on other exchanges, and only on this exchange, due to lack of liquidity, absolutely everyone can arrange a coin pump, having a relatively small amount of fiat and with a competent approach to the PR of this action , increase your deposit several times in one evening. (just recently, one of the tokens was pumped for x80 in a couple of hours – on which exchange will you see this again? but more on that later …)

So pluses:

1. The exchange interface supports Russian.
2. The exchange interface is simple and understandable even for a beginner.
3. There is an input and output of fiat (regular money).
4. It is possible to gain an understanding of the internal processes of manipulating rates using the examples of unpopular tokens.
5. YoBit is constantly holding various events where you can make good money.
6. With the right approach, there is a high probability of listing your own token on the exchange and relatively inexpensive.
7. Six trading pairs, including the dollar and the ruble. Sometimes it even turns out to arbitrate between pairs.
8. Anonymity – I highlight this point because for most crypto enthusiasts this is of great importance – on yobit you do not need to go through verification to trade (exchange), just mail is enough.
9. A lot of near-exchange telegram-chats of the community, where fingers do not bend, as on others, but can quite patiently help to figure it out.
10. Unique exchange services that cannot be found on other exchanges.
11. There are private fiat input-output services, where sometimes they even pay extra for input.
12. There is a general chat divided by language.
13. There is an opportunity to receive cryptocurrency for free every day.

1. A huge amount of coins / tokens – it is difficult for a beginner to resist buying junk, and most of the tokens on this exchange are junk.
2. The biggest disadvantage is the very slow support. But now they have begun to eliminate this problem by introducing support chats in telegrams.
3. None of the “slaves” know who is the owner of the exchange and where the office is based.
4. Low liquidity in the glasses of the well-known monster alts. Because of this, sometimes the price differs significantly from the general course.
5. There are a lot of “couch” manipulators on the exchange, pumping various junk tokens every day. The gullible newbie is often left out of balance by buying advertising calls in the chat, but this is more likely the problem of the beginner.


At the moment, the input of fiat money to the exchange is carried out without commission:
Available for the dollar:

For the ruble:

There are also various “popular services, where sometimes they even pay extra for input. Because the withdrawal queue is usually much longer. But I will not indicate them here, so as not to make them free advertising, who needs to write to HP, I will tell you reliable ones.”

Withdrawing from the exchange is as simple as entering, but you should already take into account the commissions:

FREECOINS – giveaway tokens.

A unique service from the exchange, where any user, “maiden”, or the exchange itself puts up various tokens for free distribution, limiting only the interval for receiving such a bonus and the number of tokens received at one time.

It is worth noting that to access this service, at least a week must pass from the moment of your registration, and you need to have 20 or more exchanges (buy-sell) This can be easily done in a ruble pair by buying and selling any of the coins for 10 kopecks. And although the exchange writes that you need to have 20 exchanges every day, this is not the case. It is enough just not to log out of your account, not to end the session.

By the way, at the moment there is a good distribution from the exchange and every day you can withdraw 0.01 ETC (Ether classic) and this will continue for quite a long time, because the exchange threw out as many as 43,000 ETC coins to “plunder” !!! and this is about 50 BTC !!!

How it works:

1. In the first column we have the names of the coins that are currently available for receipt.
2. The second indicates the amount that you will receive by clicking on the “Receive” button which is located in the 4th column.
3. This column indicates the state of the lot and the time until the next activation of receiving coins. Some have a timer for a day, while others have only 1 hour! That is, you can receive a few coins every hour.
4. By actually pressing these buttons you activate the enrollment of coins from the distribution

You will immediately be able to see the changes in your balance in the upper left corner, as shown in this picture:

You can exchange the received coins for the currency you need (fiat money) through the market. In order to find out the cost and go to the auction for the coin you need, you need to enter the name of this coin into the search bar and just click on the result:


It looks like this:

This is a very cool thing, if I am not mistaken, the analogue is present only on EKSMO and the trick is that the user can “encode” any token or fiat money he has on his balance and transfer this code to any other person. Thus, it is possible to send money or tokens to each other without using the usual methods. And it is actually very convenient, thanks to this opportunity, various near-exchange communities use these codes to pay for various services, or for incentives and prizes in contests.

Also, very often it is yobit-code that is used to deposit / withdraw fiat money on the exchange. And it’s just as cool, because you can withdraw funds bypassing the commission for withdrawing from the exchange. Users simply exchange the yobit code for a bank transfer, mainly by contacting the guarantor. Guarantors are time-tested and take their interest for the exchange, but it is much lower than the exchange rate.

It should also be noted that in the profile settings, you can specify that the creation of each code on your account is confirmed through your mail. This is a recent innovation and it is precisely designed to prevent an attacker from clearing your balances through codes, even if he gets access to your exchange account.

Jobit code can be used both for its intended purpose to transfer funds to another person, and for some tricks:

– it is possible to “hide” tokens or part of them from themselves in it, so that they lie in the bins and do not make an eyesore, or simply so as not to spend them going into a rage of trading. I personally know several people who use this trick all the time.
– they also actively use the yobit code to send their own funds between their own accounts. And although the administration of the exchange does not encourage the creation of multi-accounts, this action is very common. Someone uses a parallel account of a trading bot, and someone from second accounts spam chats during pumps (they are actively banned for this, and sometimes together with a balance, so cunning spammers use this method.)
Roughly speaking, a yobit code is a tool used to transfer tokens or fiat money between people within the near-exchange community.
– also quite often a user who won a good jackpot at the auction, creates several codes and throws them into the general chat and this, among the old-timers of the exchange, becomes a tradition. What gave rise to this tradition, I do not know)) whether this is a “thank you, a mockery” to hamsters for a good jackpot, or a manifestation of superstition – “so that next time you will be no less lucky”: biggrin2:

How to create / activate yobit – code:

The tab for yobit codes is located in the menu of your profile on the exchange in the upper right corner:

Click YOBIT CODES and go to the page for creating and managing codes:

1. By clicking on this button you can activate your own yobit code received from someone or created earlier. Everything is simple there: you insert the code into the offered window and get the funds on the balance, which were “packed” into this code.

2, 3, and 4 serve to create your own code. To do this, you need to select the currency you need in the “2” window, which you will “pack” into the code, in the third you specify the exact amount from what you have and press the button number 4. (if you have activated confirmation via mail, then you need to confirm the creation, you will receive an activation letter by mail when creating the code) That’s it, the code has been created.

5. This field displays all statistics for the generated and activated codes. By it, by the way, “you can always see when your code, which you gave to someone, is activated. In some cases, this is important. Non-activated codes are also reflected in this field.

That’s all for now, I didn’t seem to miss anything about the codes.

Tomorrow I will tell you in detail about Investbox. This is a broad topic, but today it’s too late))

Hello everyone. Today, as I promised in the previous post, I will tell you about a very interesting and unique instrument on the Yobit.net exchange like Investbox (hereinafter – Investbox)

In general terms, these are various investment plans, with payments on them both daily and once a week and once a month. The profit from them is also different from 0.1% to 10% per day.
And no matter how many, at first glance, it would seem that these investments are very similar to HYIP (HYIP) – this is absolutely not the case. In the classic hype (pyramid), payments to the following participants are made at the expense of the previous ones, but here everything is completely different:

Apparently, the owners of the exchange called this section a “box with investments” because the owner of the coin, before launching his own investment plan for his coin, must first fill this “investment box” with the same coins, and the amount for the value at the current market rate is more , or equal to 2 BTC – this is like an airbag for users that payments will not stop a couple of days after the start of the investment plan.

Therefore, it is not at all true to consider this tool a hype. Another thing is that the danger of such an investment may lie in the deliberate actions of the owners of each individual coin, who, having created an investment plan, are only waiting for a convenient exchange rate and good liquidity in order to drain the stocks of their junk coins into the hands of gullible hamsters. This, albeit not often, but still happens.
(I) (b) And therefore, I would not advise investing in coins in an investment box from projects that you have not even heard of or do not trust. (/ B) (/ I)

Separately, among the investment plans of junk tokens, are investment plans from the Yobit exchange itself – they can be recognized by the conditions for receiving payments – in almost all investment plans from the exchange, in order to receive the due daily interest on your deposit, you need to play the gambling exchange machine ( Dice – I’ll tell you about it in the next post) at least 10 times a day, even at the minimum rate. If you don’t play, then you just miss the payout.

It should be noted that the principle of reinvestment works in all investment plans. That is, the interest accrued today is added to the total, and tomorrow the accrual is calculated based on the total amount. Reinvest is really cool stuff, for example:

If you put 1 BTC into an investment plan without reinvestment at 0.1% per day, then after 365 days (a year, for clarity) you will have 1BTC + 0.365 BTC = 1.365 BTC per year, the yield will be: 36.5% per annum

But there are all plans with reinvest on the exchange, and if you don€™t take off a single satoshka all year and every day you regularly play 10 games in DICE every day, then put 1 BTC for the same period and at the same percentage but with reinvestment, you will receive 1.44 BTC in 365 days, which is 44.03% per year.
The difference is obvious.

It is also very important that you can withdraw your deposit and accrued interest at any time. There is no framework in this regard in the investment box.

In order not to delay, I will tell you briefly for beginners about the functionality of Investbox:

In principle, everything is intuitive there and I will dwell only on the main thing.

There are three child tabs on the main page of the Investbox tool:
1. (B) Investment plans (/ B) – a tab with available investment plans, today there are about 65 options.
2. (B) My investments (/ B) – this tab displays your active investment plans, amounts, accruals and status.
3. (B) History (/ B) – the entire history of operations in the investment box is displayed there (your deposits and withdrawals and the history of accruals)
4. With this figure, I marked the investment plans for some monster alts, led by my grandfather Bitcoin. They are less profitable, but reliable.
5. Here I noted exactly what I started talking about above: if you see a line like these next to the investment plan you are interested in, then you should know that the game of dice (I marked it with an arrow) is a prerequisite for calculating daily interest. It is easy to decipher these designations:
BTC: 10 ds means you need to play 10 times daily for Bitcoin.
WAVES: 10 ds respectively – 10 times on “Waves”

The (B) Period (/ B) column displays the period for which the percentage set for it is calculated.
In the columns (B) MinInvest (/ B) and (B) MaxInvest (/ B), respectively, the minimum and maximum size of one deposit are displayed. But there is a nuance: if you want to invest an amount greater than the maximum threshold, then you just need to open another deposit if it does not fit into one.
Status- the status of the investment plan (working or not)

To make the desired investment, you need to indicate in the box opposite the desired investment plan the number of coins that you invest and click on the blue button. This amount will be automatically debited from your balance, and in the (B) My investments (/ B) tab, your investment and its status, as well as the time until the next charge, will be displayed.

It looks like this:

By clicking on the (B) Close (/ B) button you will close the deposit and it will be transferred back to your balance with the accrued interest.

Let’s take a closer look at the history tab, many are lost there:

On this screenshot we see how the DOGE contribution was made (bottom line) and in one of the columns we see red numbers – this is the amount of “dogs” debited from the balance at the time of investment.
Next, we see daily charges. But if you take a closer look, you will see that on some days there were no charges, and why – the first column explains this to us, the user just missed the game on these days.

Well, it’s time to talk about one trick, which few people know about, and if they do, they are unlikely to want to explain.
It will be about how you can find out (approximately) how many coins are still left in a particular investment plan for issuing to depositors. This is often very useful information, the knowledge of which will save you from “losing weight” on your own balance. The fact is that when a separate investment plan runs out of coins for issuing, a bunch of investors like you take their contribution and run that they have legs to sell the accumulated wealth, and since all this is panicky, then the rate due to lack of liquidity, sometimes it sags by half. This method works only with those investment plans where the amount of the deposit is not limited.


If the tariff plan you are interested in does not have a maximum limit on the contribution, even without having the required number of coins on the balance sheet, we enter a large amount for the deposit. If there are enough coins in this plan for a one-time payment of% of the amount you offer, then the system will notify you that you do not have enough funds on your balance,

and we need to repeat increasing the amount of the deposit until the system says that there are not enough coins in the investment plan for payment.

Then we just calculate using the formula:

The amount you entered * on the percentage of this deposit = the approximate number of coins currently in the investment plan for payments.

But not always in investment plans there is no limit on the amount of the deposit, therefore, if you have already decided to play on the investment box, then check more often by trying to enter the maximum amount and as soon as the system says that this maximum amount is not enough for payment, immediately take your deposit and sell at the market, because then only a drain and a loss in price. This does not apply to monstroalts and MTC – they have huge liquidity.

Finally, I want to say from myself that the investment box from the Yobit.net exchange is quite a worthy offer. But I would not recommend for beginners to invest in tokens that are not offered by the exchange itself – it is very dangerous.
And vice versa, I use it myself and recommend everyone to use investment plans for monstroalts and the grandfather of bitcoin, it is better to let a small percentage drip and the number of coins increases, than they just lie on the wallet and gather dust. Now there are plans for Grandfather and three worthy monstroalts (Doge, Ethereum, Waves).

Go and register.

Fast Payout:

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