YourLastHost is great: A + Review!

I have been a YourLastHost customer since September 2018. A few days ago a story happened to me, and I would like to share it with you along with a rating from my provider.

About the uptime
I have an online forum and need to have it live around the clock (forum users are from different parts of the world). For my pleasure, there have been no downtime! I checked it with Uptime Robot now.

About the speed.
When I ordered, I wanted to host the site in the US, so I chose Los Angeles, USA as the location. They have some locations to choose from (at least in my plan "cPanel Shared Hosting – Gold" they gave me this option). Therefore, this location is perfect because it provides good speed for my website around the world.

About payments and billing.
I paid Bitcoin all year and registered the domain name. Less than $ 80 per year: $ 79.87 / 12 = $ 6.65 (~ per month). Maybe they are not cheap when compared to other hosts, but my recent story that happened to me proves it's worth it.

About the support and my story.
A few days ago I decided to change the topic for my forum, and tried it myself without experience or deep knowledge. As a result, the forum was corrupted and gave PHP errors. I was disappointed and did not believe that it could even be restored. I opened Support Ticket and asked for help to restore the previous default theme. In 40-45 minutes everything was restored and I decided not to change the subject for the time being. The fact that it happened on Saturday and was solved the same day makes me believe that they are supported around the clock as announced. I got professional help from them.

For me, Yourlasthost is an excellent hosting provider with average prices and fast and helpful support, high availability and excellent speed around the world!

My brand today: A +