Zayo announcing our route | Web Hosting Talk

2 months ago, we got heavily DDOS and so we tried out a few anti-DDOS provider (Storm, ddos-guard and Vox). Finally, we selected VOX. However, few days ago, we got customers complain about latency. After researching, we find that Zayo is still announcing our route and a few ISP accept the route:

e.g. from Telstra looking glass

Query Output:

Thu Jul 22 18:05:32.133 UTC

Thu Jul 22 18:05:32.342 UTC

BGP routing table entry for

Paths: (3 available, best #1)

Path #1:

6461 3356 9002 59796 55933 55933 (metric 95000) from (

Origin IGP, metric 100, localpref 100, valid, internal, best, group-best, import-candidate

Received Path ID 0, Local Path ID 1, version 487606567

Community: 4637:30038 4637:33314 4637:33504 4637:33939 6461:5997

Extended community: VALIDITY:1

Originator:, Cluster list:,

Origin-AS validity: not-found (iBGP signalled)

but, the route actually not present in level 3:

SANFRANCISCO CA USA Bgp results for:

show route protocol bgp detail

We have tried to contact our upstream (Telstra) asking them to drop those route. But, after few days, they are still accepting.

How come, Zayo can cache route for so long and why would they want to do that.