zfs – How do I recursively list all NFS shares/datasets on OpenIndiana?

Running OpenIndiana 2020. Issuing zfs get sharenfs lists all NFS shares for the most part. But how can I see if any subdirectories have been shared with different properties? Selecting a filesystem from the list, e.g. tank1/testset and using zfs get sharenfs tank1/testset only lists the parent status again.

admin@oi2:~$ zfs get sharenfs tank1/testset
tank1/testset     sharenfs  on        local

I essentially want to return the information set in a command like the following example:

zfs set share=name=pp,path=/pub,prot=nfs,sec=sys,rw=*,public rpool/public

cat /etc/dfs/sharetab Does not list detailed info (particularly IP addresses) set in the “rw” field.