zooming – Zoom in and out without the need for holding ctrl or alt key down

Zoom in and out without the need to hold down crtl key would make navigation much easier and faster.
It is really a question why developers/UI/UX designers of many of design softwares do not pay attention to this important fact that the user might do zoom in and out hundreds of times in a day and forcing him/her to hold down the ctrl or alt key all the time is tiresome and less productive.
Hope they understand this important fact and do accordingly to solve the problem like what Inkscape and Gimp have done to make it possible to choose the preferred settings.
For now, is there a way one could achieve this in adobe xd or in figma? Tried AutoHotKey software to convert mouse scroll to ctrl down + mouse scroll but it skips some steps and moves the screen up and down.

Appreciate your share of knowledge.